Enjoy your retirement in peace at the enviable Nova Village, located in Busselton, Western Australia. Our over 55 lifestyle village offers the freedom to live independently in a serene environment that can only be found in the beautiful South West region. At Nova Village, we offer state of the art facilities and are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Perfectly Built Lifestyle Villages
Each of our lifestyle villages are practical yet sophisticated, ensuring a safe living arrangement.
Our homes are modern, contemporary and feature an open plan living design, perfect for those with a social lifestyle. Our lifestyle villages are complete with high tech security features as well as reverse cycle air conditioning.

Well-equipped Lifestyle Villages
At Nova village, you will be provided with a wide range of activities, entertainment and amenities, complimented by a warm and welcoming community. Our lifestyle village is one of the best equipped village in the South West. Our facilities are modern, welcoming and located at the heart of our village centre.

We Care About Your Safety and Security
Security is an important factor when considering a lifestyle village. We have employed BlueForce, a leading residential security company to ensure the highest level of protection and wellbeing for our residents.

Join a Community of Fun-Loving People
Nova Lifestyle Village is more than just a home, it is a community. We believe friendship is an important factor to enjoying your retirement and we are dedicated to provide you with a supportive, inclusive community. The stunning location of our lifestyle villages gives you the opportunity to create new memories by exploring the South West region at your leisure.

Very Experienced Management Team
We pride ourselves in the high standard of professionalism, support and comfort we provide at our lifestyle village. Our management team work tirelessly to ensure our residents have an easy transition into retirement as well as always being a reliable source of support to our residents.

Lifestyle Villages Perth
If you are choosing a lifestyle village in the Perth Southern suburbs, why not look a bit further? Nova Village is located in Busselton Western Australia, offering a peaceful and alternative to whats on offer in Perth. Just 2 hours from Perth, our lifestyle village offers independent living in a vibrant community. You can continue to live an active lifestyle whilst enjoying what the South West region has to offer.
We provide a supportive team to make your transition into retirement as effortless as possible. Nothing beats our independent living lifestyle in the South West. Discover the difference for yourself and book an appointment today.

Well-equipped facilities Our modern community facilities rival any lifestyle village in Perth. At Nova, we give you the freedom to enjoy retirement and rediscover hobbies by proving a range of living facilities. Our facilities include a library, caf, lounge, hair studio, arts and craft studio and much more. The community facilities at our lifestyle village is the perfect place for you to socialise with your neighbours, family and friends. Enjoy the luxuries of retirement at our lifestyle village with our heated pool, gym, spa, sun deck, cinema, gardens and restaurant. Flawlessly Built Lifestyle Villages Make the most of your retirement while living near magnificent national parks, famous beaches and amazing culinary standard restaurants. Over 55 living cant get any better! Our brilliantly designed homes and contemporary based lifestyle village are set amongst pristine gardens that you can enjoy all year round. We provide exceptional living, designed to support you in live a social and active lifestyle. All our homes are built with a modern design and beautiful open plan living. Our homes are finished with all the latest finishes and are installed with ducted reverse air conditioning.

We care about your safety
To make your independent living safe and secure, we have partnered with security specialist BlueForce. BlueForce has a high level of personal safety and is an award winning residential and healthcare security provider. At Nova Village, your home will have a fully integrated security system as well as a 24/7 call system. We are committed to giving you the peace of mind of knowing your home is safe and secure. Our community facilities are equipped with video intercom, CCTV and a strategic lighting design. We take care of everything security, so you dont have to worry about a thing!

Lifestyle Communities
There is a wide variety of facilities available at our lifestyle village, including a gymnasium, swimming pool, library, caf, hairdresser and much more. The management team make sure all areas of our lifestyle village is maintained and that the facilities are always kept in excellent condition. The management team are always available to assist residents with any problems or issues that may arise.
Nova Village Busselton is a delightful environment to spend your retirement, where you can appreciate modern facilities and attractively landscaped gardens. Close to many impressive South West wineries, restaurants, national parks and spectacular coastline, residents can enjoy the down south lifestyle whilst still living a close distance to the lively and well serviced Busselton town centre.


Love the freedom of retiring in the stunning South West region of Busselton, Western Australia.
Nova Village provides a desirable lifestyle and a sense of tranquillity to all retirees.
The over 55 retirement village offers brand new, modern facilities, guaranteeing an enjoyable and happy living. At Nova Village, we are dedicated to giving you the best value of retirement living and lifestyle.

Flawlessly Built Retirement Villages
Our retirement village is a modern community-based village that gives residents well designed homes set amongst beautifully maintained grounds and gardens. Enjoy the perks of retiring in the South West by spending your time exploring the magnificent national parks, beaches, famous restaurants and wineries. At Nova Retirement Village, we provide a warm and welcoming environment, designed to allow all our residents to live an active and independent lifestyle.
The homes are all built with a contemporary design, including ducted reverse air conditioning, timber flooring and double garages. Entertaining guests and visitors are no problem at our retirement village as all the homes are built with an open plan living design.

Well-equipped Retirement Villages
At Nova Retirement Village, youll discover a community centre that offers the best equipped and cutting-edge amenities, accompanied by a wide range of activities.
The retirement community is welcoming and inclusive, promising a social and entertaining experience for all. Located at the heart of our retirement villages, our community facilities offer the chance to socialise, try new activities and become part of the Nova community.

State-of-the-art facilities
At Nova Village, we have a variety of facilities for our residents to use as they please. These facilities include a heated pool, bowling green, gymnasium, library, caf, cinema, hairdresser, arts and crafts studio and much more. Management is always on top of maintenance and keeping all of our facilities in excellent condition. Our experienced staff are always available to assist residents in need.

Activities youll love
The community facility centre at Nova offers top of the range amenities and is the social hub of our retirement village. All our resort style facilities are available exclusively to our residents and their guests to enjoy at their leisure. We have alfresco style dining and barbeque areas perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying the company of other residents. As well as living independently, you can enjoy our impressive array of activities such as; bowling, darts, film nights, exercise classes, happy hours and organised group outings. Whatever activities you decide to take park in, we know you will enjoy the community feel and sense of belonging.

We Care About Your Safety and Security
At Nova retirement village we take security seriously. Therefore, we have partnered with an award-winning residential security service, BlueForce. We are committed to providing the highest standard of security and ensure our residents have 24/7 home and personally safety. The entire retirement village, including all our homes, contain inbuilt medical alarm and lockable remote access. CCTV, Video intercom, alarm monitoring as well as other high-tech features, guarantee a secure community.

Very Experienced Management Team
Our management team will always make sure our retirement village is running smoothly and pride themselves in providing an easy transition into retirement living. Our management team provide the highest level of professionalism, providing a reliable point of contact and ongoing support to all our residents.

Retirement Villages Perth
There is no better over 55 independent living offered in Western Australia. The South West offers a serene environment that anyone would envy. Located just 2.5 hours out of Perth in Busselton, Nova Retirement Village is the perfect alternative to the busy Perth city. We offer residents an inclusive community where we provide the necessary support to live an active and independent lifestyle. See for yourself by booking an appointment at Nova Retirement Village today.

Retirement Villages WA
Our over 55 retirement village provides a new way of living, offering modern facilities at an affordable price. At Nova Village, we understand that transitioning into retirement living can be an intimidating task for many people. Our caring management team are dedicated to supporting you at all times and want to make sure you are living your best life.

Over 55 Retirement Villages
We provide our residents exclusive access to some of the best amenities and state of the art facilities. The community centre at our retirement village gives our residents the chance to socialise with other retirees as well as take part in activities and hobbies. The community atmosphere we have created ensures all our residents at Nova Retirement Village feel a sense of belonging.

Retirement Communities
Enjoy the down south lifestyle while still being near the city centre of Busselton. With prestigious restaurants, wineries, national parks and coastlines all close by, Nova Retirement Village is the perfect place to enjoy your retirement. Residents are free to enjoy an extensive range of facilities and amenities, such as the swimming pool, bowling green, caf, hairdresser, cinema and much more.